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Ivy studied my personal situation and gave me a customised approach to achieve my goals. I now have a budget to achieve my financial goals and I am paying half of the amount of tax I used to pay.

I’m really pleased with her service and have no hesitation in recommending her to my friends and business colleagues.

Dr. Andres Franco
Total Smiles Dental Practice
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By providing me with financial statements for my business that I have never previously been provided with, Ivy has given me a better understanding of how my business has grown over the past few years.

As a result of her advice, I have started taking control of my business. I now pay myself a reasonable wage and have resolved previous errors in my business due to poor financial advice.

Briget Gurton
Forensic Psychologist
Kids Konnect Pty Ltd
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After being in business for many years, since retaining Ivy as our Virtual CFO we are finally starting to see real financial results. One of the things I like best about working with Ivy is that she walks the talk.

She has a property portfolio herself therefore shares an interest of where we want to be and in helping us reach our goals.

Paul Palenzuela
Showpiece Commercial Cleaning

Thorough, transparent, great small tips that make big differences, takes the time to educate and operates in a fashion to empower clients with knowledge, rather than micro-manage/control.

So glad we found you!

Van Nguyen
Founder, Director of Operations & Consultant Physiotherapist
Movement Essentials
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Ivy assessed our financial circumstances and developed a strategy that satisfied our needs and goals. Her patient and professional approach has provided us with a better understanding of our SMSF policies, helped us choose the right investment property and significantly improved our financial position and tax-effectiveness. All with a ‘worry-free’ guarantee.

Sunny Peng
SMSF and Property Investment Client
cfo consulting services

Ivy approached my financial situation with an open mind and explained her process in clear and easy to understand terms. With Ivy’s help and guidance I have now bought two investment properties and am on the way to building a healthy passive income.

Ranjana Naidu
SMSF and Property Investment Client
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When I started with Ivy I already had a few wealth creation strategies in place. Ivy helped me fine tune these strategies to make sure they aligned more closely with my financial goals. I am already seeing positive results and look forward to continuing my journey with Ivy, who is reliable, friendly and responds quickly to all questions and requests.

Suvir Salins
SMSF and Property Investment Client
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In addition to providing me with tax and compliance services Ivy provides me with good advice on managing my business, increasing my profits and helping me build more savings for retirement. Ivy really knows her stuff, gives good advice and always responds quickly with an answer to my questions.

Julie Crockett
CEO & Founder Australian Property Investment Solutions Pty Ltd
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